Monday, March 15, 2010

..NY/LA/FRENCH Connection..

In and around '99 I began to have a genuine dislike for music and the music industry,which is weird to say because it was my entire life,literally.In 2003,when D&D shut its doors I took it as a sign for me to move on and do something new.I did.Loved the new experience and all but,couldn't shake the music that still played a part of my life.I could never get away from it,couldn't deny it so I said give it another try..the entire industry has changed and the artist has more say.Fuck a label we are own Movement....Great!....Now what.

Pretty much everyone I know that had a label job just kinda faded out..the ones who remained don't answer the phone or BS you to no end.There are the few that felt how I felt and were willing and ready to utilize the tools available to us today.Now it's just got to make sense.How do I do that?Thank God for FaceBook,the new high school hallway.I was able to reconnect with alot of my old homies in the game.One of those reconnects was with my home girl T-Love.We met in the 90's somewhere at sometime through somebody(I'm gonna say Evil D).She did marketing for many labels back in the day,was responsible for the launch and  helped to sustain the careers of many HipHop Artists.She's a Real B-Girl.Anyway,her and I have always been able to just chop it up for hours!In the midst of one of our phone conversations she came to the realization that I was a Recording Engineer.I've known her for a decade or so and she never knew what I did..LOL!Love her still.She got super excited when it sunk in what I did and was super amped when her husband co-signed,cause apparently they read credits overseas.

So she starts in on what she's doing now that she has moved to France and all that,married and a mother but still working on music and plans for new projects and getting back into marketing,her company "Pickininny", and..I sit..I listen..I'm loving what I'm hearing.It's the movement that can make it all make sense.Fresh view on old structures.Perfect.."Sign Me Up When Do We Start"."Now'..she goes.."Great Let's Get It!"..We are on the path to revolutionize the way things should and could work for the indie artist.Face facts that the money train is still running but alotta you cats are waiting at the wrong platform"Gimme A Deal!"..WHY?!..Time to tear down the prehistoric notions of how things ought to be.So many other ways to make it out there.Pay attention and become a student,shut up and listen..nothing wrong with that.You don't stop learning until you die,if you feel differently,you are missing out on a lot of life.

So be on the lookout for us this year..yes this year...we got alot going on that will have everyone rethinking their formulas.Till then check us out :

Thanks And Stay Tuned!


Friday, March 12, 2010

..Thanks & A Brief Note..

I'm getting a lot of support from people regarding this blog,and I am very appreciative.I wasn't even sure I was going to do a Blog,but the day I started it I just felt like writing.People always ask what it was like being a part of the industry in the era when expression meant something and the money wasn't the main aim.Others said I should write a book about my life working in D&D,which I'm still thinking about doing.Maybe I'll just compile all these lil blogs into one book,I dunno.I already started to write about my first day at D&D and all,will post that later.Somethings have to be left out,because I am not on here to make folks look bad,spread rumors,gossip will however reflect what was going on at the time I was going through it,so its all facts,NO BULLSHIT.I will talk about studio sessions(working on Da Shinin & Moment Of Truth..Yeah!),road trips(every time we went to Chicago and Connecticut it was crazy).As it comes I'm just write and post..Cool?..I'll holla at yall..thanks again..



Aight I'm gonna be as brief as possible with this.Most of yall know Guru from GangStarr is not in the best place health wise and I just want to say to everyone who has been praying for him,thanks for supporting and showing love for my dude.I met Guru in late '93 and consider him a really close friend,brother and mentor.I was able to work on alot of Guru's solo stuff and with him and Premier on three GangStarr albums.A lot of speculation has been circulating regarding Guru's current situation but it really is just speculation, so all you sidewinders please knock it off.No one really knows whats what,keep your rumors ans hate to yourself.Guru is a good dude and he's had his moments where he made bad decisions,but who hasn't?

I pray that my dude makes a full recovery and thank all the friends and fans for praying along with me.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

..My Intro And Re-Intro To This Messed Up Game..

My first recollection from childhood besides my great uncle's funeral was playing records on my grandparents' record player.That same record player cut off the top piece of my thumb,but that's a different story.I got pictures some where of me holding up Betty Wright's Live album and albums by Isaac Hayes and Millie Jackson(yeah do your research),Hot Chocolate,Bob Marley,Jacob Miller..all those and others opened me up to what music can really do as far as expression of thoughts,feelings and everything you could want to do was concerned.I didn't really see where it would fit into my life as a career until my teenage years.I never wanted to be a performer or a musician,but I wanted to be involved in music somehow someway.Watching TV one day,can't remember who's video or documentary it was,but they were in the studio messing with the music.Creating shit..I was like yeah that's me all day right there...

Fast forward to fall 1990..NYC..University Place above D'Agostino's..I'm enrolled in the Institute Of Audio Research.Nine months and several agonizing episodes later I'm out and looking for an internship.My big sister Kim got me my first gig(and my second)..the first was "The Writing Room",where I worked with Lord Finesse,who at the time was working on Big L's demo.This was my first actual session.Then "The Writing Room" shut down(shady dealings),and along came the Apollo Theater.Loved working there.Got to work with Onyx on their first album so of course I got to meet Jam Master Jay(yall know him right?).Did live albums for Public Enemy and Patti LaBelle.Niceness.Then the Apollo got new "Mangement"..everybody's fired!Months go by,I'm living in the Bronx(Parkchester off Metropolitan) and nothing is happening.What the hell?!

1993 Brooklyn,29th & Ave.D.Pager goes off..hit up the corner pay phone."What Up?Who Dis?"..answer.."It's Swift Yo..What You Doing?" reply.."Nothing..What You Got?"..his reply.."Umm You Ever Heard Of D&D?".

Few days later I'm sitting in the then office of Doug Grama(studio owner and partner with Dave Lotwin)..brief meeting,showed him that I knew what I was doing.He said "I'll Call You"..I'm Like(to myself of course).."Aight Money"..I'm thinking this cat aint calling nobody,lemme get back to BK and go smoke away my troubles.Get of the train 30 mins later..pager goes off.."212 736 7774".."Hello?"(can't be ghetto might be a job on the other end).."Yeah This Is Doug Grama From D&D""Hey Doug"..him.."So We Wanna Bring You On,When Can You Start?""Tomorrow!".."Great..See You At 11am"..Next day I'm there and shit is what I wanted to be messing with from day one..EVERYBODY WAS THERE!..And for any real HipHop head you know that in the '90's D&D was the spot..period.Met every single artist I ever wanted to meet.Couldnt be in a better place..worked on some of the most influential records in Hip Hop..(didn't get credit for most of it but who cares now)...I mean I worked on Classics..Thank God For HipHop.Fast Forward To 2003(yeah I know some of yall want dirt but this Blog aint for that..maybe later..)..end of an era as they say..D&D is shut down..people fade out..change their mind about their life's direction..get old and tired of the bullshit..basically we grow up and see a bigger picture.Me,I move to CA...I worked on One record while I'm out there(Da'Kah,a HipHop Orchestra)..and stayed away from the studio for 3 years.Why?Cause I got tired of the music cats was putting out.I stayed in entertainment..working with a production company that did documentaries and TV shows for Discovery Channel and ended up working for a porn website.CA was a great experience for me,but I was ready for change again...

Now I'm in GA and my industry homies are reaching out to me...them.."Son You Need To Get Back In The Game!""The Game Is Dead Yall"..them.."Nah Son We Just Gotta Re-Focus And Use Our Knowledge With The Technology,We Can Still Make Paper""Oh Yeah?..them"YEAH SON!""Aight What You Got"...

.....Keep Checking In..You'll See What I Been Working On.....Till Then..