Friday, March 12, 2010


Aight I'm gonna be as brief as possible with this.Most of yall know Guru from GangStarr is not in the best place health wise and I just want to say to everyone who has been praying for him,thanks for supporting and showing love for my dude.I met Guru in late '93 and consider him a really close friend,brother and mentor.I was able to work on alot of Guru's solo stuff and with him and Premier on three GangStarr albums.A lot of speculation has been circulating regarding Guru's current situation but it really is just speculation, so all you sidewinders please knock it off.No one really knows whats what,keep your rumors ans hate to yourself.Guru is a good dude and he's had his moments where he made bad decisions,but who hasn't?

I pray that my dude makes a full recovery and thank all the friends and fans for praying along with me.


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