Monday, March 15, 2010

..NY/LA/FRENCH Connection..

In and around '99 I began to have a genuine dislike for music and the music industry,which is weird to say because it was my entire life,literally.In 2003,when D&D shut its doors I took it as a sign for me to move on and do something new.I did.Loved the new experience and all but,couldn't shake the music that still played a part of my life.I could never get away from it,couldn't deny it so I said give it another try..the entire industry has changed and the artist has more say.Fuck a label we are own Movement....Great!....Now what.

Pretty much everyone I know that had a label job just kinda faded out..the ones who remained don't answer the phone or BS you to no end.There are the few that felt how I felt and were willing and ready to utilize the tools available to us today.Now it's just got to make sense.How do I do that?Thank God for FaceBook,the new high school hallway.I was able to reconnect with alot of my old homies in the game.One of those reconnects was with my home girl T-Love.We met in the 90's somewhere at sometime through somebody(I'm gonna say Evil D).She did marketing for many labels back in the day,was responsible for the launch and  helped to sustain the careers of many HipHop Artists.She's a Real B-Girl.Anyway,her and I have always been able to just chop it up for hours!In the midst of one of our phone conversations she came to the realization that I was a Recording Engineer.I've known her for a decade or so and she never knew what I did..LOL!Love her still.She got super excited when it sunk in what I did and was super amped when her husband co-signed,cause apparently they read credits overseas.

So she starts in on what she's doing now that she has moved to France and all that,married and a mother but still working on music and plans for new projects and getting back into marketing,her company "Pickininny", and..I sit..I listen..I'm loving what I'm hearing.It's the movement that can make it all make sense.Fresh view on old structures.Perfect.."Sign Me Up When Do We Start"."Now'..she goes.."Great Let's Get It!"..We are on the path to revolutionize the way things should and could work for the indie artist.Face facts that the money train is still running but alotta you cats are waiting at the wrong platform"Gimme A Deal!"..WHY?!..Time to tear down the prehistoric notions of how things ought to be.So many other ways to make it out there.Pay attention and become a student,shut up and listen..nothing wrong with that.You don't stop learning until you die,if you feel differently,you are missing out on a lot of life.

So be on the lookout for us this year..yes this year...we got alot going on that will have everyone rethinking their formulas.Till then check us out :

Thanks And Stay Tuned!


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Inti said...

Cool. Wishin' you mad luck on this endeavor!