Friday, March 12, 2010

..Thanks & A Brief Note..

I'm getting a lot of support from people regarding this blog,and I am very appreciative.I wasn't even sure I was going to do a Blog,but the day I started it I just felt like writing.People always ask what it was like being a part of the industry in the era when expression meant something and the money wasn't the main aim.Others said I should write a book about my life working in D&D,which I'm still thinking about doing.Maybe I'll just compile all these lil blogs into one book,I dunno.I already started to write about my first day at D&D and all,will post that later.Somethings have to be left out,because I am not on here to make folks look bad,spread rumors,gossip will however reflect what was going on at the time I was going through it,so its all facts,NO BULLSHIT.I will talk about studio sessions(working on Da Shinin & Moment Of Truth..Yeah!),road trips(every time we went to Chicago and Connecticut it was crazy).As it comes I'm just write and post..Cool?..I'll holla at yall..thanks again..


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