Monday, May 24, 2010

..Above The Clouds..

..My apologies to everyone who has been waiting on new blogs from me.It's been a rough start to the year and I have been dealing with alot of personal stuff..suffered a few great losses and gained some new strengths at the same time.Funny how that works sometimes.So to let it go I'm gonna talk a lil about one of my losses,the one most of you know about my big brother Guru.When the people over at Brooklyn Bodega asked me to speak on my experiences with Guru,after his passing..I jumped at the chance.This is the end result of that request...

I first met Guru during my internship at D&D studios in '93.I began working as his assistant engineer on his solo projects soon after and ultimately, with him alongside DJ Premier on GangStarr projects from '97 till ‘03. I have countless memories of Guru and Preem working on music for GangStarr or JazzMaTazz…sessions that seemed to go on forever but the end result was pure magic. During all of this he became a great friend and mentor to me. Guru was overly kind and generous, he loved helping others achieve their goals anyway he could. As an artist he remained student of the game, despite his own impact, knowledge and status in the Rap world. He loved Hip Hop and everything that came with it. He listened to every album he could, cover to cover, without prejudice and appreciated what every artist brought to the game.

Guru spent countless hours recalling his experiences in the industry, guiding his protégés in hopes they would not make the same mistakes he did and avoid the trappings that came with this life. He was also a kid at heart, pulling pranks on everyone and anyone who came to the studio. It didn’t matter who you were, if he decided you were his target it was on. He loved cracking jokes even if most of them were mad corny. His favorite thing to do though was rank on your gear, he lived for that, from your hat to your sneakers, and everything in between, he broke you down.

The birth of his son was the happiest I had ever seen him. His lil man was a catalyst for him to change his own life and as he said to me “be a better man for this kid”. This was one of the last times I remember seeing Guru before D&D closed and I left for California. His impact on the game will never be duplicated. His rhyme flow was impeccable and his perspective on life was optimistic. He always thought we as people could turn things around, if we wanted to. He pressed the importance of educating the young generation so they could excel past our accomplishments and continue a legacy of great Black leaders.

The news of GangStarr splitting was a shock, I figured they would regroup and make another hit. Guru being in the hospital was devastating, I prayed constantly for his recovery. His passing left me speechless. It hit me that I would never again see my dude or work with him or hear his corny jokes again. The monotone voice will forever live on in all of us, his family, his friends and his fans. Rest In Peace Big Brother. Keep an eye out for me..”Above The Clouds”.

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