Friday, July 9, 2010


..This is all...My lovely,lovely mother...started buying me vinyl instead of toys when I turned seven.Had a pretty decent collection of music,Reggae,Soul,Funk,Calypso(I am Trinidadian..and I don't need a T-Shirt to prove it!).Get it straight..I AM HIP HOP!...Don't need a T-Shirt to prove that either.1982,my mother helped to create a monster though.You see back home on my lil island,we had one decent record store in my area of San Fernando,Jimmy's Record Shop..and my mother knew the guys who ran the store.Her bright idea for my birthday present this year way to let the guys pick the record for me..their pick..Planet Rock Afrika Bambaataa...yeah ok,what were you thinking my friend!I think I played that record all of seven straight hours before my grandfather told me to "STOP IT BOY!!"..young me.."OK OK"..but I knew that I loved that shit from the moment I heard it..where can I get more of this?Believe me that my allowance went to records,specifically anything Hip Hop..I cared about nothing else.Honestly I only cared about the music..the rappers annoyed the shit outta me..for real.I learned every lyric though,had to..why not.Not until "The Message"did I really care what dudes had to say but that goes without saying right?

Now here comes my Happy Birthday of 1983..Style Wars and Wild Style,sweet Jesus!..I know a lot of people would say Beat Street was the quintessential Hip Hop movie but that's like listening to commercial radio to me.Style Wars and Wild Style was some real Hip Hop shit..aint no body falling in love and living in abandoned friggin buildings with their pregnant baby momma..just hit the train yard and BOMB THAT SHIT,write a rhyme SPIT THAT SHIT!.Those movies showed a real side of life and why dudes was turning to the Hip Hop lifestyle.It was crazy to think that people dealt with stuff like that..and back when I only visited the states,didn't look like Beat Street to me...but I LOVE THIS SHIT!..Who cares if it not exactly like it was in the friggin movie.How do I get in this!There's gotta be a way to,there has to be!My father discouraged me but my mom's, as always, pushed me in the direction of my dream.

So we had to come up with a plan,me and my mom's, to get me into what I wanted to do.I was serious and she knew it,so she pulled out every STOP sign that we came across...Brainstorm!I had a uncle that lived in New York,so I wrote him for months telling him what I wanted to do.He too was like.."are you sure this what you wanna do,Don't make me waste my time finding you a school and so on"..I was like.. "maaaaan I want off this rock in a bad way!"..."Get me the school info so we can get this going..I graduate high school in 3 months"...Weeks go by,seemed like months though.I get home from school one day and my mom was like you got some mail on your bed..feels like some books or somethiing"...runs to my room..rips open it..brochure for the Institute of Audio Research..dream in formation!Now I gotta get outta here!.My father as always not with the program and shows no support...but God Is Good!From the day I was born,my parents started a savings account for me.By now I had enough in there to make it outta my homeland and on to my future.Cleaned out the account in one fell swoop.Got all the necessary paper work for me to leave the country and to start my schooling in New York.Of course there was a curve ball thrown.The Muslims in my country,upset with the party in power,decided to overthrow the government.How?By running up into the main parliament building known as the 'Red House' and hold all politicians present hostage until they meet their demands.Basically a Coup..the result..Martial Law...No One Goes No Where To Do NO-THING!...DAMMMIT!Dreams squashed?Nope.After maybe 2-3 weeks of bullshit curfews and looting and military siege,coup over,martial law lifted,Dex and mom on plane...out!Touch down in NY on Friday,shop for new clothes and shoes Saturday and Sunday,orientation on Monday,classes on Wednesday..Dream  Realized..And All Day.. I Love You Mom!..


BE ARE EE said...

i love your mommy too. :) Awesome write up bigbro!

STEVEN said...

Didn't know that part of your life.
But glad your dumbass made it.
And still making it.

kia said...

This is a great story to tell of how a mom will give her child the love and support needed to make it in this REAL World. Such a GREAT woman. Wish more moms were like that. To bad about your dad. There is nothing you can do about his lack of support other than keep moving forward in the direction of what's right for you.

Taura Love said...

Big-ups to Moms! What a beautiful story... And similar to my mother! We need to do interviews of all the cool hiphop moms!