Friday, July 2, 2010

..Random Industry Reminderz Pt.1..Brandy..

I remember being at D&D when Kid Capri had a radio show which was mainly aired outta state.In order for the show to seem live he would record his part,spinning the hot new stuff first and do his interviews at the studio.Most times he couldn't be  there, so his then manager would take care of the interview portion of the show.A lot of people came through there for the Kid,showing support for the show and of course to build their buzz...The Fugees, The Diplomats.. countless amounts of people I cant remember all of them.One particular person has always stood out from the rest of them.That would be Brandy.

This was around the time that the show she was on ,"Thea", got canceled,and she had just got signed to Atlantic Records.To me she was just a sweet girl,she had to be all of 14 at the time or what ever,but even still she was real humble.I kept thinking to myself that she was real shy, or maybe nervous as hell, cause D&D was a grimy spot.Even grown ass men were scared to roll up there,so imagine this young girl from CA getting a big mid day dose of that place.After her interview we spoke for a lil while and she seemed a lil out of it,cause like I said her show got canceled and not to many people were giving the single she had just released that much love.Matter of fact I cant remember if there was a rep from the label there with her...but she kicked with me for a minute while she waited for the car service to come get her.When she was leaving she gave me two copies of the single"I Wanna Be Down",vinyl of course,said her goodbyes and broke out.

Around this time Evil Dee had Monday nights on HOT 97 in NY.Evil's show was notorious for breaking new records,it had become his trademark.I went up there to the show that Monday and told I met Brandy and all the blah blah blahs.He was like..."yeah I got the record and I kinda like it""You gonna play it on the show?"..he looked at me like You Already Know!..I told him how she felt like the record wasn't getting that much love and that she really wanted it to go well..E was like "Fuck It I'm Playin It,It's What I Do!"..he sarted the show off with that record that night.The funny thing about that whole scenario,all the HOT 97 dj's were coming up to him that week like"Yo where'd you get that Brandy joint?"..him.."In the mail like the rest of yall""Check your in-boxes"..Just so you know my dude was the first, if not one of the first, dj's to play that record in NY...Word Is Bond!..

Till The Next One...

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