Thursday, December 9, 2010

..Bit Of A Ramble But You'll Get The Point..

..It's been a minute since I wrote a blog.I've been converting my blogs into a book, making it a memoirs of my life experiences in the music industry and the entertainment industry as a whole.Recalling all these memories has been a great exercise for myself,  and surprisingly others.The feed back I have been getting has not only been positive for the most part,but also it's inspiring me to do more than just blog about the past.I plan on blogging about the current state of the industry,or what's left of it.So let's start with this shall we?The best part of blogging for me was reconnecting  my some of my old comrades,people who worked those sessions and lived that life with me.Who walked the path alongside me back in the day,saw what I saw and felt how I felt.Catching up with my "Industry Fam" has always been a goal of mine,to see where their lives has gone,what paths they have taken and to just maintain contact.Some have found me through Face Book,others through word of mouth about my blog,however it may have been, it is great to catch up with my fam.Some of us,not me of course,did the "adult" thing,got married, had kids,GOT A JOB,you know..all that grown up stuff.Others,like myself, remained on the entertainment side,though not as heavy as we once were.The hardest part of being in the industry is getting out of it when you think you are ready to,the thing is you never really feel like you're ready to.There is always one last project you wanna do.The industry lifestyle is addictive on so many levels and is hard to walk away from at times.Once you walk away you should never turn back,but we do sometimes and it ends up however it ends up, good or bad,it is what it is.As hard as it is to stay away, it's equally as hard to stay in once you're already in.You spend a lot of time hanging on.Mostly due the fact that we get older, the new faces start to run the game and us old heads get fazed out. Nowadays it's easier to get fazed out more and more frequently due the fact that technology changes rapidly and a lot of us refuse to change with it.

..Since I entered the game in the 90's,technology has indeed changed several times over, right before my very eyes, and the industry changed with it for the most part.There are some that try to maintain the old way of doing things which just doesn't add up to much.They go with the flow in the hopes they can still make a dollar and live the dream.The rest,they do what's necessary if you want to stay in game and win,they change with the changes and don't complain about it.Eliminating some of the human element from the music and how it was done is a major way that this thing of ours has changed dramatically.Believe it or not,people used to actually talk to each other in this business, not just on text,orIM,or Skype.. but over the phone or in person!Shocking isn't it?!They had meetings about the music and making albums,how to sell them and who was going to be on it.Long discussions about art work and radio play,promo tours and in stores,promo items and release parties..the list goes on and on and on.There was a lot of aspects that went into making an album and eventually making that album and the artist a success.There was lots of hard work and sleepless nights,or at least nights sleeping on the couch of a studio.And of course recording the album has changed,because now,thank you technology,the artists are not required to be in the same room, let alone the same state to be on a record together.Back in the day,artists actually had to collaborate on a record.Subject matter wasn't the obvious lets just throw verses together non sense we have today..there was actual artist to artist collaboration.On a few occasions a reel would have to be flown somewhere to someone,but that was often rare and due to scheduling, and even then, there was a phone call to sort out the particulars.Nowadays the music that's being serviced has no feeling,nothing human,very robotic and microwave driven.This stems from the fact that most music is being mass produced in the homes of the artist,simply in order get the music out there faster,which ultimately leads to music that sounds redundant and boring.They email music back and forth because it's convenient,and it's all good,but the music suffers and as a result the consumer/fans suffer.No wonder no one buys music any more,why should we?The artist might as well just email the fans the music as soon as they finish us the trouble of  downloading it ourselves.Sales don't matter anymore anyway so why not?

..The ultimate question is where are we going with regards to music and entertainment media as a whole?Does creativity have to suffer because technology has made it so easy to "create"?So much emphasis has been made on file sharing and downloading that we lost sight of the fact that we create to make an impact on other human lives.To reach out to others who feel like we feel,who are looking for a relatable voice,face and way of being.Besides the fact that it is sooo easy to make and distribute artistic forms of expression without relying on the " corporate machine" as much,does that mean that the human element in the work has to be removed as well?We need people to want to have it,that much is obvious,and everyone wants to be compensated for their work,but that doesn't mean that there should be no soul in your work.When I worked in the big studios, there was a lot of emphasis on how music felt.Sound as an art form conjures up emotions, and as one of my former clients used to say.."I can't make music if it don't feel right".Today's music has no feel,at least not to me.Apparently my generation lost our opportunity to teach the new generation about what it like to be a part of something bigger than ourselves,because we were to busy doing"us".A lot of the artists I worked with came from not having much,if anything at all, so when they got a chance to have something, they wanted to have as much as they could.This in most cases is never a good thing and most will end up right back where they started,because usually,but not intentionally,certain things get over looked and left behind for later.So fast forward and imagine waking up to a whole new way of being and doing, when all you ever knew,all you ever taught yourself to know is no longer relevant.You have to get with the new program,literally.What do you do?People still rely on you,so you do what you have to.A whole new generation is upon you and they look at you with"entertain us" in their eyes,and you have about fifteen seconds before someone sends them a text with a link for the new hot shit.So you go along with it in the hopes to maintain what little you have left and a little bit of yourself goes away and slowly you don't even remember who or what you were before you got here.This is the fear of most artists.Artists who refuse to bend, get broken and if they try to be what they are not, they get discarded and if they don't embrace the now and the future they get lost and forgotten.So where do you stand?How do you compete?Where do you go from here?....