Friday, January 14, 2011

..Happy New Year Happy Re Launch..

..Better late than never right?Happy New Year everyone.I hope that you guys had a great holiday season.I've started off my New Year by re-launching my fund raising page for the D&D Documentary.I am excited to say that the response to this project continues to grow.More and more people are ready to lend their names and talents to this project,which just proves the impact of this studio and the legendary music and artists that came out of there.I recently spoke to Buckwild producer and a good friend of mine, and he is eager to get on board with this so there is one more icon to the list which will easily equal one hundred by the time I start shooting.Also I have  Marketing and PR professionals ready to run with this project,I'm telling you this is going to be big.Don't expect a street DVD with bad lighting and horrible sound,I'll scrap it and start over before I put my name on I said..I have to re launch my KickStarter page because although I received a number of pledges,I appreciate you all for that,I was no where near where I needed to reach to start.So we restart,no biggie,more time to pledge, more time to promote, more time to get it out there.If you can't pledge that's cool,I would hope you would pass it along to anyone who can.As before, I have placed banners and a direct link to the fundraiser page in this blog and the page itself.So support however you can,spread the word to whoever you can and let's get this vision out to the world.Peace Hip Hop..One.